The Seahouses Development Trust is working to strengthen the community through serving individual needs and improving conditions in the local area. To achieve this it has five main objectives:

  • to develop a diverse, robust economy
  • to foster partnerships, links and networks that create a strategic approach to the development of Seahouses and its surrounding communities.
  • to promote and sustain the area’s natural environmental assets and maintain and enhance the character and identities of its villages.
  • to develop a healthy, active, diverse and connected community
  • to work towards the sustainability of the Trust by establishing social enterprise projects

The Trust’s work towards developing the local economy includes:

  • increasing the number, range and quality of local jobs, and access to them.
  • encouraging and supporting local businesses.
  • creating and sustaining a trained and skilled workforce.
  • improved marketing of the town and surround hinterland
  • increasing the level of ‘upmarket’ tourism, extending the tourist season, increasing levels of visitor spend and improving facilities in the town.
  • encourage business diversity and increase the numbers of small business start ups whilst also ensuring that expansion opportunities exist for established businesses

In building partnerships and networks the Trust aims to:

  • ensure up to date and accessible information about existing services and leisure opportunities is offered within the area.
  • add value to regeneration work undertaken through partnership working.
  • work with surrounding communities to ensure two way flow of information and to offer additional, locally based development support for community organisations.

The important work of sustaining the area’s natural environment is achieved through:

  • tackling the detrimental effects of traffic management problems
  • strengthening and consolidating the characters and structure of Bamburgh, Beadnell and Seahouses.
  • improving the quality of design
  • maximising the use of vacant land and buildings within Seahouses.
  • preserving the special nature of the surrounding countryside.

Much of the Trust’s work is directed at supporting and developing the local community and a range of initiatives has been undertaken which aim to:

  • tackle the problem of affordable and accessible housing for local people.
  • ensure the widest possible involvement in regeneration activity.
  • develop lifelong learning opportunities accessible for all.
  • ensure high quality childcare is available.
  • foster our future leaders.
  • develop small, appropriate, transport solutions.
  • provide a range of accessible leisure and arts activities.

Currently, the Trust works towards these aims and objectives through a variety of grant-funded programmes with social enterprise initiatives. In future, work will focus on building the financial and operational sustainability of the Trust. Prioritising work on social enterprise projects will do this.