Seahouses History and Virtual Tour

The village now known as Seahouses was originally named Sunderland, then North Sunderland (to distinguish it from the Wearside city of the same name) and was a mile or so inland from the sea.

When a purpose built fishing community was built by the sea it comprised small cottages or ‘sea houses’.  With the coming of the railway, two stations were built on the branch line from Chathill.  North Sunderland had its own station and the station at the end of the line by the sea was called Seahouses.  Thus over the years as the rail-borne tourists spent more time by the sea, the whole community became known by the name Seahouses.

Locals still differentiate however and North Sunderland still has its own identity but it is a friendly relationship between the two parts of the village!

There is more historical information on this website  click here

This photographic virtual tour of modern Seahouses is very interesting.  We hope it will whet your appetite to come and visit our beautiful village community.

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