The result of the referendum held on 24 May 2018 was in favour of adopting the neighbourhood plan (90.5% yes on a turnout of 39.5%).

Accordingly the plan below now forms part of the planning framework for this area. The various background and policy papers are important supporting documents which are relevant in considering development plans.

Referendum version of Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan Final Draft Version (May 2018)

Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Report of Independent Examination of the North Northumberland Coast Neighbourhood Development Plan
  2. Submission Version of Neighbourhood Plan (dated November 2017)
  3. Updated Policies maps:     Overview,    Seahouses,    Bamburgh,    Beadnell
  4. Basic Conditions Statement
  5. Consultation Statement
  6. Consultation Statement – Appendix C – Responses to pre-submission consultation and amendments made
  7. Consultation Statement – Appendix D – Responses to the Vision, objectives and housing needs survey
  8. Habitats Regulations Assessment Report 2017 (Report to inform HRA)
  9. Strategic Environmental Assessment for the North Northumberland Neighbourhood Plan 2017

Background Papers: Policy

  1. Settlement Boundary Methodology
  2. Bamburgh Settlement Boundary
  3. Beadnell Settlement Boundary
  4. North Sunderland Settlement Boundary
  5. North Northumberland Coast Housing Paper
  6. Holiday Lets Impact Paper
  7. Coastal Community Team Economic Plan
  8. Seahouses Green Spaces
  9. Beadnell Green Spaces
  10. Bamburgh Green Spaces
  11. Non Designated Assets of local importance
  12. Bamburgh Management Parking Report
  13. Limekilns and Lobsterpots, Katrina Porteous, ISBN 978-0-9565495-5-6

Background Papers: Consultation

  1. Health Check
  2. What we’ve done – The work we have done so far
  3. You asked, we did – Engagement with the community
  4. Launch Event comments
  5. North Sunderland Parish Housing needs survey 2008
  6. Responses to Coastal Neighbourhood plan business survey
  7. Responses to Coastal Neighbourhood plan holiday home owners

Other relevant information

National Planning Policy Framework:

National Planning Practice Guidance:

Berwick on Tweed Local Plan (April 1999):

Northumberland Coast AONB Management Plan (2014-19):

Northumberland Coast AONB Design Guide for the Built Environment

Northumberland County Council Landscape Character Assessment August 2010:

Northumberland County Council Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (2017)

Northumberland County Council Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Map

Northumberland and North Tyneside Shoreline Management Plan May 2009:

Northumberland County Wide Housing Needs Survey Final Report 2012 Version 10.07.13) (Beadnell, Bamburgh & North Sunderland) (updated 2015):

Dark Skies – Exterior Lighting Master Plan (2013) Northumberland National Park Authority:

Seahouses Character Appraisal:

North Sunderland:

Northumberland Coast AONB Landscape Sensitivity and Capacity Study (used as background for Settlement Boundary considerations):